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Tancet 2011 counselling idea

 TANCET 2011 M.E counselling idea?

Hai this is Prem... 
                         Well, congrats for all those have scored good score in TANCET. Many candidates have doubt
what college will you get for your score.i think u ask ur frnd this question every day.So today i cleared ur all doubt of M.E TANCET 2011.

please follow simple fact...i thank to ilakiyaa mam to post the details....

Top Score in TANCET 2011 is 74.59 ,which is higher than TANCET 2010[top score was 68.747.So We expect that the courses will be available "similar" to previous year cut-off marks.First we give you the
Facts that were followed in previous year.
No of Colleges affiliated to Anna university, Chennai. > 44
No of Colleges affiliated to Anna university, Coimbatore.>36
No of Colleges affiliated to Anna university, Trichy >16
No of Colleges affiliated to Anna university, Thirunelvelli > 21
No of Colleges affiliated to Anna university, madurai > 36

First of all we give a rough sketch of colleges that were available for certain scores previous year.
Previous year 68 was the top score.But the second third scores had varied differences.So the courses were available for certain top score students alone.The trend was as follows.

Score 40+ >others[BC/MBC/SC/ST]All colleges available for students [includes Anna univ/Govt colleges]
Score 45+[ for general category]>All colleges available for students [includes Anna univ/Govt colleges]
Score around 40 [for General category]> Anna university/Govt colleges – not possible.But will surely get seats in top level private colleges such as Bannari,PSG,Kongu etc(Note that there will be heavy competition)
Score 38-45 [Others] > University depts of Anna univ Chennai / Govt colleges /Top level private colleges.
Score 36-38[Others] > May or May not get Anna Univ Chennai.But All Govt colleges + pvt colleges available.
Score 36-38 [General]>top Pvt colleges
Score 30-35[Others] > Govt colleges + Anna univ(other than Chennai)+top pvt college
Score 25-30 [others + general ] Normal pvt colleges
Scores below 25 [all]last year most of them good colleges for this score also(private college)

The scenario will change for Part time .For part time the course will be available for low score.Around 28+[others] will also get Anna univ,chennai.Remember the course will be part time(PT)/self supporting(SS).Part time will be of 3 papers/semester and for 3 years.Normal full time will be 2 years.Fees will be double than that of normal fees.
already counseling application was given Please stay in contact with me

So how can i choose course and college?
Many students have doubts regarding how to choose a course/college. Follow the guidelines given below.
  • First, be sure what course will be more interesting to you to read.Choose a minimum of 3 courses.So when during counseling when a choice of 2 when given you can specify exact college & course.
  • Give importance to college alone as first.A normal course in a good reputed institute will be better than a good course in a normal institute.
  • Choose the best course in best college for your score.Some courses will have heavy competition.Say Mechanical students will aim for Engineering design in 1)PSG else 2)Anna univ else 3)GCT.Getting a seat in PSG is too tough as all mechanical students will rush for the course.But unfortunately only top scorers will be able to pick them. Similarly each course students will have certain course as high interest like, ECE students will focus to pick up VLSI design or Embedded systems,civil students will have competition to pick up Environmental science and engineering etc.
  • Be careful in choosing courses. See what feature the course will have in current and future.Say mechanical students rush to take M.E Aeronautical engineering, but think just a moment ,how many Aerospace companies are there in our country? 10? 20? No only a few ,ISRO,HAL. But these too are govt organizations which recruit B.E engineers.So plan a course that has wide scope.
  • If you have plan to choose a different plan for you,be sure what future it has,how can you shine in that field etc.Say if you take M.Tech Food Technology, you must be knowing the complete map for your future.It is a must that you know where you are going.
  • Remember that, M.E is a more converged degree.You will read only specified subjects in focus.Simply to understand. Mechanical engineering is a study dealing with Thermal + Engg.Design+Manufacturing/Production. These are the the three branches of Mech engg. Say if you choose M.E Thermal engg. now you can only move in Thermal engineering line.Aftr you finish M.E you cant enter again to Engg.Design or Prod.engg.So your course will streamline you.So be sure what you choose.
  • Choose a wise course.Say many students tell that they will take M.E Industrial Safety engg.This course is available in 3 colleges K.S.R,Bharath Nikethan engg college,Mepco Schlenk engg college. This course will 100% surely get you a job,because all industries will surely have Safety dept.So there are good chances for employment.But look at the number of colleges.Only 3 ! So guess how the competition will be.Also you must think deeply.Choosing this course ensure good employment.But once you get this job,you will be employed as a safety engineer.Thats it! There cant be no improvement/promotion. Only those employees in regular operation such as in production line in a factory, due to heavy work shifts and effective management will achieve improvement.
So think wise in selecting the course.
last but not least , be positive,think wise and think twice!
Hope we would have provided you some simple guidelines.All the best for students.
Best wishes.thank u frndz


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